Now In: Tins Packs and JarsLow Sugar & Fat Products

Rians Faisselle 0% Mg 4x100g
Panier De Yoplait Framboise Mure 0% Mg 4x125g
Panier De Yoplait Fruits Jaunes (Poire Williams, Ananas, Abricot, Pêche Jaune) 0% Mg 8x125g
Taillefine “Le Brassé” Nature 0%Mg 8x125g
Taillefine Fruits 0%Mg (Pêche, Pruneau, Fraise, Cerise) 8x100g
(£0.55 /100g)
Orangina Jaune Light (Cans) 6x33cl
(£0.25 /100ml)
Schweppes Indian Tonic Light Cans 6x33cl
(£0.30 /100ml)
Lipton Ice Tea Peche Light Canette 6x33cl
(£0.30 /100ml)
Sveltesse Ferme Et Fondant Saveur Coco 0%Mg 4x125g
Panier De Yoplait Panache 0% 16x130g
Teisseire Zero Sirop Menthe 0% Sucres 60cl
(£0.79 /100ml)
Elle & Vire Carre Frais 0% 8x25g
(£1.77 /100g)
Coca Cola Light (Canettes) 6x33cl
(£0.24 /100ml)
Teisseire Zero Sirop Grenadine 0% Sucres 60cl
(£0.75 /100ml)
Ice Tea Peche Light 1.5L
(£0.18 /100ml)
Orangina Zero 1.5L
(£2.00 /Ltr)
Schweppes Agrum Light 0%Sucres (Cans) 6x33cl
(£3.03 /Ltr)
Orangina Miss O Light 1.5L
(£2.00 /Ltr)
Sirop Menthe 0% Sucres 75cl
(£4.33 /Ltr)
Weight Watchers Ma Dose Chocolat 6x55g
Activia Citron Vert 4x125g
Materne Confipote Fraise Allégée 350g
(£1.28 /100g)
Materne Confipote Cerise Allégée 350g
(£1.06 /100g)
Teisseire Zero Sirop Peche 0% 60cl
(£0.75 /100ml)
Teisseire Zero Sirop Citron 0% Sucres 60cl
(£0.80 /100ml)
Sirop Agrumes 0% Sucres 75cl
(£3.95 /Ltr)
Materne Confipote Poire Allégée 350g
(£1.00 /100g)
Materne Confipote Myrtille Allégée 350g
(£1.06 /100g)
Materne Confipote Mirabelles Allégée 350g
(£1.06 /100g)
Materne Confipote Fraise & Rhubarbe Allégée 350g
(£1.11 /100g)
Rians Yaourts au Lait de Chevre Nature 4x120g
(£0.72 /100g)
Teisseire Zero Sirop Fraise 0% Sucres 60cl
(£0.73 /100ml)
Teisseire Zero Sirop Tropical 0% Sucres 60cl
(£0.73 /100ml)

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