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Whaou! Crepes Fourrees Au Chocolat (x8) 256g
(£1.17 /100g)
Nos Regions Crepes De Froment De Bretagne (x4) 180g
(£1.66 /100g)
Galettes De Sarrasin De Bretagne (x6) 390g
(£1.11 /100g)
Le Ster Crepes Nature a la Farine de Froment (12 Crepes) 300g
(£1.00 /100g)
Sodeb'o Galette Ble Noir Jambon Emmental Mozzarella 195g
(£1.66/ 100gr)
Sodeb'o Galette Ble Noir Lardons et Chevre Affine 195g
(£1.66/ 100gr)
CoteTable 2 Galettes Fourrees Jambon Emmental 390g
(£1.15 /100g)
Daniel Dessaint Crêpes Jambon Supérieur, Emmental, Champignons, Cuisinées à la Crème (x2) 300g
(£1.65 /100gr)
Crepe de Broceliande Galette de Tartiflette (x2) 300g
(£1.80 /100g)
Bonne Maman Crepes Confiture de Fraise (x6) 192g
(£1.61 /100g)
Item unavailable, Please call on 02077371024 for details.
Bretonnes Crêpe Saveur Authentique (x12) 300g
(£0.67 /100g)
Item unavailable, Please call on 02077371024 for details.
Daniel Dessaint Crêpes Moelleuses Natures (x8) (Sans Sucres Ajoutes) 400g
(£0.84 /100g)
Daniel Dessaint Crêpes Sucrées (x8) 400g
(£0.71 /100g)
St Michel Crepes Bretonnes Nature 315g
(£0.87 /100g)
Bonne Maman Crêpes Chocolat au Lait Noisettes (x6) 192g
(£1.61 /100g)
Whaou! Crepes Cracky Chocolat et Cereales Croustillantes (x8) 256g
(£1.76 /100g)
Whaou! Crepes Fourrees Au Chocolat au Lait (x8) 256g
(£1.33 /100g)
Whaou! Crepes Fourrees Chocolat Noisette (x8) 256g
(£1.18 /100g)
Whaou! Break Up Muffins (x3) 216g
(£1.18 /100g)

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