Now In: French CheeseGoat and Ewe Cheeses

Maison du Fromage Chabichou AOC Pyramide au Lait Cru 150g
(£2.88 /100g)
Istara Petit Basque Pur Brebis 220g
(£2.95 /100g)
Soignon Pouligny St Pierre 250g
(£3.52 /100g)
Sainte Maure Blanche 220g
(£3.13 /100g)
Sainte Maure Cendrée AOC Lait Cru, 250g
(£2.92 /100g)
Selles Sur Cher AOC Lait Cru 150g
(£3.50 /100g)
Valencay AOC Lait Cru 240g
(£2.68 /100g)
Mini Babybel Au Chevre (x6) 120g
(£2.90 /100g)
Item unavailable, Please call on 02077371024 for details.
Rians Cabecou Du Perigord 3x35g
(£3.05 /100g)
Chavroux 150g
(£2.43 /100g)
Rians Crottins De Chevre 2x60g
(£2.88 /100g)
Etorki Pur Brebis 180g
(£2.67 /100g)
Soignon Buche de Chevre Legere 29%Mg 180g
(£1.61 /100g)
Petit Billy 200g
(£2.20 /100g)
Lou Perac Perail Pur Brebis 100g
(£2.75 /100g)
1.1 Kg Ossau Iraty AOC Quart 50%mg 1.1 Kg
(£3.09 /100g)
President Buche Fondante 180g
(£1.83 /100g)
Ossau Iraty AOC 200g
(£2.25 /100g)
Soignon Buche de Chevre 45%Mg 180g
(£1.66 /100g)
Lou Perac Brique de Brebis Lait Pasteurise 50% m.g 150g
(£2.66 /100g)
Rocamadour Fermier Lait Cru 3x35g AOP
(£3.80 /100g)
Pelardon (8 x 60g) AOP 480g
(£3.33 /100g)
Item unavailable, Please call on 02077371024 for details.
Corsica Fromage de Brebis 250g
(£3.00 /100g)
Le Brebiou Pur Brebis 180g
(£2.10 /100g)
Soignon Tranche de Chèvre 150g
(£2.30 /100g)
Item unavailable, Please call on 02077371024 for details.
Brocciu Corse Frais Pierucci AOP 500g
(£1.97 /100g)
Salakis 100% Brebis Herbes de Provence (Bocal) 300g
(£1.23 /100g)
President au Chèvre 145g
(£2.06 /100g)
Crottin de Chavignol AOP 2x60g
(£4.16 /100g)
Saint-Loup Les Tranches de Chevre 120g
(£3.00 /100g)
Soignon Yaourt au Chevre 0% 4x125g
(£0.84 /100g)
Soignon Yaourts au Lait de Chevre Nature 4x125g
(£0.72 /100g)
Rians Fromage Blanc au Lait de Chevre 400g
(£1.02 /100g)
Rians Crottins De Chevre (-25% Sel) 2x60g
(£3.67 /100g)
Etorki Tapas Basques 100g
(£4.99 /100g)
Salakis Fromage de Brebis (50%mg) 200g
(£1.65 /100g)
Soignon Fromage Mi-Chèvre (Ronde) 180g
(£1.44 /100g)
Soignon Buche de Chevre La Cremeuse 180g
(£2.25 /100g)

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